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Thus, when we pray, whether for ourselves or for others, it should be with the understanding that we are seeking justice. Second, if we extend ourselves by forgiving people who have offended us and acting with kindness toward them, then God's acting accordingly toward us can in itself be considered justice.How, then, can we ask of God to grant our various requests? Thus, teshuvah, and to act toward others in a way that I wish God to act toward me.The basis for it, however, is actually not that clear.

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This series of miraculous events is recorded in the biblical Scroll of Esther, and commemorated each year on the holiday of Purim.

Is it just a non-Jewish carryover, or are there Jewish sources for the practice?

Giving Chanukah gelt is a long-standing Jewish practice, one which most certainly predates the modern-day gift-giving season.

This difference becomes most striking in our attitude towards money. But whereas Greece would see it as a means of spending more on ourselves and enjoying higher pleasures, Israel rightly saw it as a means towards a higher ends.

The Sages teach us that our patriarch Jacob, on his return to the Holy Land, endangered his life (at least slightly) to retrieve small vessels he had left behind (Talmud Chullin 91a).