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Here is a very detailed article about herpes viral shedding rates and risks.There have been some very interesting studies done by Valtrex about the herpes transmission rate.Since you know the best foods for herpes outbreaks, you should also know the foods that may trigger outbreaks and avoid them to have the best chance of controlling herpes.In particular, it’s best to minimize or avoid the intake of foods that are acidic or high in arginine.Genital herpes affects the genitals, anal area or buttocks, while oral herpes, also called fever blisters or cold sores affects the face.In a diet for herpes, some foods are known to be beneficial for combating herpes, while others are known to trigger outbreaks.

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If your doctor has prescribed you Valtrex, this is the best time to take it to stop the outbreak in its tracks.

possible as long as you know the right precautions to take and how your risk factors could play out. It’s a more complex answer than you might expect, but definitely encouraging with the right herpes.

For genital herpes, you should stop having sex at the first sign of any impending outbreak.

You should generally wait two or three days after an outbreak is gone to resume having sex.

Don’t think it’s safe to have sex during an outbreak by using condoms. While condoms are known to help reduce the transmission rate, they don’t cover the entire affected skin surface, and therefore herpes can still be spread.