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After devouring books about polyamory, open relating, and primordial urges, I sat my husband down to have the talk.

Dating someone with cat allergies

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Deuteronomy : The only thing standing in the way of such a glorious idea is me.

Once one has repented of his sins and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, he enters into salvation—the Born-Again—born a second time experience.

Cortisol is part of the body's fight-or-flight response but too much of it can dampen immune response and shut down the very process that attacks life-threatening microbes or keeps malignant cells from proliferating into an invasive tumor.

Laughter also increases the amount of activated T lymphocytes, increases the number and activity of natural killer cells, and increases the number of T cells that carry helper, suppressor receptors.

Remember, this passage was authored thousands of years before science began to certify its truth.

Obviously God doesn't need man to certify His truth, but the gainsayers do.

III John 1:2: God created all things out of that which is invisible.

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Inside our bones is found a spongy, moist tissue called bone marrow where all of our body's blood cells are produced.

Confirmed research shows that salivary immunoglobulin A is lower when one is in a negative mood and higher on days when one is in a positive mood. Laughter boosts energy levels, strengthens organs and increases circulatory capacity.

A few seconds of laughter could be as good as 1 minute of aerobic exercise. William Fry, an emeritus associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Stanford University Medical School in California, weighs in with studies on laughter that reveals, among its many other benefits, that it produces increased activity of white blood cells, which fight disease.

Simply put, the immune system is positively benefited by laughter.

Our first line of defense against infectious organisms trying to enter through our respiratory tract is salivary immunoglobulin A. Berk's research cited earlier also shows that laughter helps boost the production of NK cells, which fight upper respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis.