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Subjects cover but aren't limited to coaching, leadership, character, football history and current football happenings, education, parenting, citizenship and patriotism, other sports, and even, sometimes, my offense.) LIKE #4, DVD #5 IS LONG: 1 HOUR AND 23 MINUTES.

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When we launched Polygon's cover stories last year, I wrote that one of our goals was to do something different each month.One month could be a behind-the-scenes story on a AAA game, like we did with Call of Duty.And he's going the crowdfunding route for the PC version because the loans won't carry him that far.As he tells it, though, the PC version is the game he wants to make most.In 2009, he released a game called as a live show he's performed in front of a crowd in Japan.

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For many years now, people in the West have criticized Japan's game industry, saying that it's become less creative, less technically capable, too focused on mobile and portable games.

In the '90s, he created , a DS role-playing collaboration with Platinum Games.

Like many in Japan, Kono has spent time in recent years making casual mobile games.

And he felt a desire to get back into the types of games he made when he was younger, so he rounded up some money and put his team to work.

, with a Kickstarter campaign coming soon for a potential PC version as well. ' There were a lot of disappointed voices," Kono says.