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Expect to pay: £11 / Developer: Game Grumps Publisher: Game Grumps Reviewed on: Windows 10, Intel Core i5 7400 3.0GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 6GB GTX 1060Multiplayer: No Link: Steam Visual novels and dating simulators are strange beasts, and the intersection of those genres with comedy often results in parody.

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One tiny apartment’s only window looks out on a grimy airshaft.

Another is a dark basement below the office of a doctor who practices adolescent gynecology. The date when I have to leave my old apartment looms closer and closer.

My neighbor rarely heard our landlord raise his voice; after the killing, a coworker wrote a pre-sentencing letter of character support; and the defense lawyer was quoted as saying that “he got along well with everybody.

Heart palpitating, I get up and tiptoe across the hall.For five long years I sit on the story of the killing in my apartment.It’s hard to ignore the irony that the tragedy has still provided a bonus for me.Another part of the picture emerges when I read that my landlord has finally appeared in court.Though he was charged with second-degree murder—as well as ramming the tanker and endangering lives in the gas station—his lawyer argued that he had acted in a state of “extreme emotional disturbance.” He pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to eighteen years in prison, where he now resides. My landlord decides to sell the Boerum Hill house I’ve rented an apartment in for sixteen years, and then—in the aftermath of arguments about where to move—my wife suddenly walks out on our marriage.