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In the meantime, many citizens await Monday’s spectacle of a total solar eclipse in parts of the country.They apparently don’t realize that another eclipse has been underway for months: the total eclipse of reality across the entire landscape of the USA.She made dramatic pleas on television for the rescue and return of her children.

I expect that scientific studies out of our best universities will soon confirm that occult transmissions from the statue of Jefferson Davis (a double-devil named after an earlier devil) are responsible for the murder rate in Chicago.

However, nine days later on November 3, following an intensive, heavily publicized investigation and a nationwide search, Smith confessed to letting her 1990 Mazda Proteg roll into nearby John D. She allegedly wanted to discard her children so that she might resume an affair with a wealthy local man who had no interest in a "ready-made" family.

It later emerged that investigators had been suspicious of Smith's story from the beginning.

Now has been an event to behold, not just some twenty-minute freak of astronomy.

What’s being blacked out is the perilously fragile condition of the financial system — a great groaning Rube Goldberg contraption of accounting fraud, grift, statistical deceit, and racketeering that pretends to support the day-to-day activities of our national life.