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Once the relationship is low enough, the "Divorce" social will become an option.If two Sim are engaged and sink the relationship, the "Break Up" social will become available.When two Sims have a high enough long-term relationship, options to take the relationship to the next level will become available.An accepted "Propose Going Steady" when the relationship is Hot for both Sims will result in the Sims becoming partners.Once their relationship score hits 60, they become good friends.Reaching a score of 80 turns the two into best friends.However, if you wish for two Sims to fall in love, you'd best reinforce the relationship through constant interactions.

This is surely useful when dealing with bitter rivals.

Aside from their current relationship status, factors that may affect the kinds of interactions available include the life state, age and whether or not the two come from the same family.

Relationships between Sims are not always romantic. If the two don't get along, their interactions can even be hostile.

Using a lot of "Friendly" social options and socials directly related to positive traits a Sim has (such as the Ambitious trait) are a good way to boost a friendship.

Two Sims must have a high enough long-term relationship in order to be romantic with each other.