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It’s important to keep track of whether he ends his text messages with meaning ”kiss”.
Insights into the students’ experiences of learning medical professionalism in a formal curriculum are vital, therefore, to informing and enhancing curriculum development and teaching practice in this area.

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He has no qualms about killing members of any species, be it vampire, werewolf, human or fairy.

However, whoever hires Franklin might mean they may end up paying a little more than they bargained for: Franklin has a terrible weakness for women and an even worse track record with them.

When Tara attacks two rednecks, Franklin comes to her aide and holds one of them while she beats him. The next night he visited Jessica Hamby at the Compton house.

There he found out Tara's name and address and Franklin visited and glamoured Tara later. He then kidnaps Tara and takes her with him to Russell Edgington's mansion.

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Jason then shoots Franklin who undergoes the true death and explodes into a grotesque wave of blood and guts. To show her hatred for her tormentor, she even goes so far as to desecrate the goo before burying it.

Niall Brigant - Ancestor John William Stackhouse - Ancestor (deceased) † Jonas Stackhouse - Ancestor (deceased) † Earl Stackhouse - Grandfather (deceased) † Adele Stackhouse - Grandmother (deceased) † Bartlett Hale - Great-uncle (deceased) † Francis Stackhouse - Great-uncle(deceased) † Bill Compton - Ex-Boyfriend/Lover (destroyed) † Alcide Herveaux - Ex-Boyfriend(deceased) † Eric Northman - Ex-Boyfriend/Lover Corbett Stackhouse - Father (deceased) † Michelle Stackhouse - Mother (deceased) † Carey Delahouysse - Uncle (deceased) † Linda Stackhouse - Aunt (deceased) † Jason Stackhouse - Brother Hadley Hale - First cousin Hunter Savoy - First cousin, once removed Unnamed Husband Unborn Child Brigette Stackhouse - Sister-in-law 3 Unnamed Nieces"I just keep thinking that if I make the right choice, all this madness will end and my life will go back to normal. Playing a prominent recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, Sookie is a Halfling, or human/faerie hybrid.

Played by Academy Award-winning Canadian Kiwi starring actress, Anna Paquin, and winning a Golden Globe for the role, Sookie makes her debut in the series' premiere episode, "", in the series' first season.

He's loyal only to his employer, and even that only extends so far.

He has no respect for Kings, Queens, or the American Vampire League.